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Bride & Groom
Jenny Wang smiling. Photographer: Chieh Cheng Carl and Christine talking politics. Photographer: Chieh Cheng Carl and Kevin talking Photographer: Chieh Cheng
Carl & Jenny posing for the camera Photographer: Chieh Cheng Carl and Jenny at another photo op Photographer: Chieh Cheng Jennys appears in her second wedding dress.  She made this one herself. Isnt she talented? Photographer: Frank Wang
Jenny, Carl and Brett posing at the front. Photographer: Frank Wang Jenny and Carl poses for a shot. Look at Jennys smile! Photographer: Jason Gol Carl wearing the tux that Jenny made for him. Photographer: James Wang
Jenny trying to find Carl so she can hit him over the head with the tray. Photographer: James Wang Carl running to the bathroom. Photographer: James Wang Jenny laughs Photographer: James Wang

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Photos Taken at the Cypress Room, San Diego on April 17, 2004
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