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Friends and Family
Haoyen posing for the camera. Photographer: Chieh Cheng Jason laughing at Chiao Photographer: Chieh Cheng This ones had a little too much to drink Photographer: Chieh Cheng
Paul says Photographer: Chieh Cheng The Torrance Hockey Group - (left to right) Paul, Jason, Will, Chiao, Chieh, Vivian, Charles and Kevin Photographer: Chieh Cheng Elicia telling Will to get back to his seat. Photographer: Chieh Cheng
Everett and Sierra Photographer: Frank Wang Dilek and Connie posing for a shot. Photographer: Frank Wang James, brother of Jenny, and our tireless photographer. Photographer: Frank Wang
Mom and Dad Wang posing with Frank Photographer: Frank Wang Hannah posing for a photo Photographer: Frank Wang Family shot of both the Maeda and Wang sides. Photographer: Jason Gol

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Photos Taken at the Cypress Room, San Diego on April 17, 2004
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