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Merigan Fire Road
June 5, 2004. This is The Merigan Fire Road in Descanso. This is a very beautiful trail which runs along the Sweetwater River most of the way. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is when we first see the Sweetwater River. We can see the river off the trail about half the time. Most of the side trails that went to or through the waters were closed due to the cedar fires. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Notice the burnt trees from the cedar fires. The trail was sandy with soot and ash so we got ash everywhere on our clothes. This trail will be better next year when the area more fully recovers. Ash and soot are a good fertilizer. Photographer: Carl Maeda
A flower next to the trail. The trail was 2 miles up and 2 miles down for a total of 4 miles roundtrip. Next time we go, we will wear long pants. Some of the open side trails were really narrow with overgrown plants. Photographer: Carl Maeda
The trees here are recovering from the fires. The hike was pretty easy most of the way with a slight incline. There was only one really steep and strenuous part. Photographer: Carl Maeda
A magnificient view. Too bad the trees here are dead. Before the fires, this would have been an even more impressive site. By the way, this trail is shared by mountain bikers, horses and hikers. Be careful of the horse poo! Photographer: Carl Maeda
Another view of the Sweetwater River. To get to the Merigan Fire Road, Take 8 East, exit 79, turn left. Left again on 79 (if you go straight, the 79 becomes 80), left on Viejas Blvd. The trail is on your left side. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Here we could hear the calming sound of running water. The trail is hard to find. There is a dirt parking lot and a rangers house there. If you get lost, theres a friendly librarian near the trail who will give you some good directions. Photographer: Carl Maeda

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