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Mission Trails - Oak Canyon Trail
June 26, 2004 The red is our journey through Oak Canyon and the green is our return trip. The trip was about 4.5 or 5 miles. The trail wasnt very strenuous with the exception of the steep incline at the start of the return trip. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is at the start of our trail. The beginning of the trail is very scenic and follows the San Diego River. Even if you dont like to hike, you should check out the Old Mission Dam and the bridge. It is only a very short walk to both. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Another shot of the start of the trail. During the wetter seasons, water is everywhere. We saw a lot of dried up river and creek beds. Photographer: Carl Maeda
We already come upon the beautiful Old Mission Dam at the start of our hike. The Dam is very easy to see and even if you dont want to hike, You can pretty much just drive here and see it. Photographer: Carl Maeda
A closeup shot of Old Mission Dam, Photographer: Carl Maeda
Here you can see that Old Mission Dam extends out quite a ways. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is the pond in front of Old Mission Dam. From here, the water goes down and veers to the north and then continues west. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is a shot from the west side of the bridge, right past the Old Mission Dam. Photographer: Carl Maeda

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