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Palm Springs - Indian Canyon
July 10, 2004 This is a photograph at the top of the Canyon. We are going to descend into the canyon because this is where our hike takes us. I have to mention that it is about 110 degrees now. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is a picture as we descend into the Canyon. There are miles and miles of desert all around us and suddenly a canyon full of Palm trees! Photographer: Carl Maeda
We are in the canyon and looking up at some really huge palm trees. These are the biggest palm trees I have ever seen. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Here is one of the natural springs in the canyon. The spring bubbles and constantly produces a slow but steady stream of water. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is a river crossing. The water is quite shallow since it is summer. We hopped from one rock to another to get across. Photographer: Carl Maeda
We see more palm trees and the trail continues like this for maybe 2.5 or 3 miles. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Here we find a pair of birds. Theyre probably mating so we snapped some pictures and left them alone. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Theres a trail that goes up a hill to the top but we had enough. It was way too hot for me so we decided to head back at this point. Photographer: Carl Maeda

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