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Jennie Lakes Backpacking Trip
September 4, 2004. We are going backpacking in the Jennie Lakes Wilderness. Our original plan is to hike 7 miles to Jennie Lakes on Day 1, then another 6 or 7 miles to Weaver Lake on Day 2 and on Day 3, we hike out about 3 miles. Photographer: Carl Maeda
We started hiking from the Big Meadows Trailhead. It is a pretty strenuous hike, especially at Poop Out Pass. Photographer: Carl Maeda
The hike is very scenic and the weather was very cool and sunny. Photographer: Carl Maeda
My pack weighed about 35 lbs. Jennys pack probably weighed around 20lbs and Kevin carried about 40 or 45lbs. Photographer: Carl Maeda
I would have a lot more pictures but I got altitude sickness the second morning. So, I forced everyone to hike back out the next morning. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Feeling nauscious and having a headache ruined my hike the next day. But I had fun the first day. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is a creek about 1.5 miles into the hike. If we cross this creek, we would head to Weaver Lake. We instead follow the creek up toward Jennie Lake. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Another shot of the creek. We ate MREs for lunch the first day. For dinner, we had beef stroganoff and tortilla. Photographer: Carl Maeda

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