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Cedar Creek Trails Part 1
This is the start of Cedar Creek Trails. Here is a view of Mildred Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in San Diego County. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Another view of Mildred Falls with my lovely wife. Mildred Falls is more than 100 ft tall but can only be seen a few months out of the year. Photographer: Carl Maeda
On the trail with Jenny... We are off to see the top of Cedar Creek Falls. Next week, well venture to see Cedar Creek Falls from the bottom. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Mildred Falls from a different view. To get here, take the 78, turn south on Pine Hills Road, which is west of Julian, and bear right on Eagle Peak Rd. Bear right again for about 8 miles until you reach the trailhead. Photographer: Carl Maeda
The San Diego River, which is North of the trail. Photographer: Carl Maeda
A view of the trail ahead. Photographer: Carl Maeda
Jenny walking the trail... The road to the trailhead is very poor so drive slowly. Photographer: Carl Maeda
This is Cedar Creek. The trail will follow the creek until we get to the top of the falls. Photographer: Carl Maeda

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